Business Model

Good to know: Our Platform will be free for token holders and it doesn't rely on the token for revenue generation. The token is used as way to reward users and give to them a way for start learning about the new financial economy as well to distribute wealth.

The AIIA WEB3 platform will work as a centralized hub for tech talents and human resources for deep tech and it has built an ecosystem of partners from where we will provide corporate and educational training and charge a fee as well the HR and Tech companies will pay a membership fee to get priority access to the top talents that we have within the platform. This will ensure a monthly recurring fee that will generate revenue.

The core of our business model is based on the AIIAX Token which will provide liquidity for the maintenance and to attract users and continuously build the ecosystem and to attract talents.

As the token will be used to access the platform, it will drive demand and supply needs, creating a circle for the long term growth.

Our business model is designed to generate revenue from our ecosystem, where we will charge a fee from the HR Agencies and Tech companies looking for Tech talents. We will evaluate our candidates and the fees will be paid toward referrals we will give to fulfil any opening worldwide and those that are paying members will have priority access.

Also, another revenue stream will come from our government and educational partners from which we will provide our platform and instructors in exchange of a fee.

Corporate training will generate another revenue stream and as we have mentioned, we are an already established company, hence we will sell projects as well as a source of revenue.

The tokens itself will be used to pay the community members, students and for the platform maintenance, but not as main revenue stream source.

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