Post-Launch Marketing

Publishing Press Releases

PR as a way to keep the communication open and focus on our achievements.

Paid Advertisements

After launch, we will need to attract users to the platform and keep scaling the user base. Paid advertisement is one of the most effective ways to increase page traffic and attract attention from potential users.

Marketing Through Emails

The goal of email marketing is to send out regular emails to potential users updating them on what is happening.

Direct approaches to Investors

The use of newsletters will assist in resolving market-related problems and concerns. While traditional tactics are used, this is an excellent way to reach out to investors.

Work on increasing our user base

Users will be the key to generate demand for our token, hence we will focus on activities to grow and scale our user base.

Transparency and openness

We think big but we will take smaller steps to reach our goals at a time.

We will position and differentiate ourselves from the competitors and similar projects and constantly remind our investors that they should believe in our product versus the competing projects.

Deliver on all our promises

Keep our promises and meet the milestones. Delivery on time or early.No promises are better than empty promises.

Amazing customer facing staff

We are going to run one company, but we will have two different teams , one dealing with the project and product and the other handling the investors, community and the AIIAX token to ensure all the communication and the tokenomics are in place to ensure the long term investment return for our stakeholders.

Regular public communication

We will ensure that our communities and investors are regularly informed in clear and open communication on what the team is doing to instill confidence in our team and the progress we are making. Doing that we aim to gain trust and respectability from our target audience.

Actively manage our community

We will be available and actively manage our community by starting and joining conversations, answering questions, responding to the concerns and genuinely considering feedback and ideas from the audience, actively taking steps to build an engaged audience and be as responsive as we can to the questions and feedback for a happier and more engaged community.

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