Pre-Launch Marketing

Website/Landing Page Development

The investors would rely on the revelation of the descriptive and explanatory details of our project. These have to be mentioned on the webpage. Generate and boost the webpage traffic by implementing proven ways.

White Paper Marketing

White papers are very effective marketing tools to further the interest of investors through an in-depth analysis. Crypto projects can bring out white papers that are in document format to further the project’s foundation and goals. These documents can offer general education and boost confidence in the IDO.

Community Activities

Partner with influencers across different channels to bring the crypto community together. Giveaways, airdrops and AMAs to drive the communication about our IDO and get the audiences’ attention.

Promotion Through Social Media Channels

We know how social media has been playing a vital role in the crypto space. Tweets by famous crypto influencers have driven the prices of different coins up and down. This kind of buzz helps keep the interest of the audience alive. For IDOs, social media influencers can create bite-sized content, memes or videos to engage the audience in a fun and interactive way. However, even here the project must be aware about the kind of content that will go out as it has to be in sync with our brand image.

Creative content

Content is the most important component of marketing, and it is used in a variety of ways. From the white paper to the campaigns, all that is required is complete and compelling content for SEO, website, marketing, and contact influencers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing employs suitable influencers to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the project. Choosing the well-known and relevant influencers would considerably pave the way for making the potential users believe in the project you launch.

Video Marketing

No matter what marketing strategy you go for, video marketing plays a significant role. Create a promotional video with relevant content in a precise manner. It would be better when the duration of the created video is less than a minute, telling what the project is about in an impressive way.

Publishing Press Releases

PR marketing is one of the best strategies to be carried out, which would influence the target audience and convert them into potential investors. PR marketing gives the project a positive outlook.

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