Product Fit

Good to know: Change is coming – but how do we ensure that technology and the digital economy doesn’t leave many of us behind?

Our platform is to train and provide skill to ordinary people to benefit from the new technological future and to fill the gap of skilled workers worldwide, mainly within the deep tech areas such A.I., Blockchain, AR/VR and general software development.

At the same time, we see many people losing their jobs, in the other hand we see a lot of well paid jobs unfilled and we want to close this gap to provide people more opportunities and have a better life.

We are working on the A.I. space since 2017 and it gave us knowledge about the market, customers and a built network of partners which we will make use to scale the project. Lack of skilled professionals in the deep tech sector is a reality which we are facing every time and not only us, but all the companies that works with technology. We see projects, start-ups and everyone talking about web3, A.I. , blockchain, etc, however no one Is saying how are they going to find people that can develop such technologies, so the momentum is right for it right now.

Another advantage is to have offices in different countries where we saw in first hand the need for skilled workers and countries where they have a poor education system. It will enable us to scale our project globally as we know the cultural aspects of different regions.

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